Google Chrome Vs Firefox

Recently Google Chrome made it as the most popular browser on the internet. Not only is it popular over the computers, it is also well used on mobile phones. But Mozilla’s Firefox is not far behind, breathing down its neck, and for most people – when they become dedicated to either one of these – there is no going back to change browsers. In fact, browsers today can have an increasingly personal effect on surfing the web – unless you have the browser that you are most comfortable with, you may find it difficult to function at the same speed and efficiency online. Both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are open source, which means a community of enthusiasts maintains it, and you can personalize the browser any which way you want. Perhaps it is because of this why the little things matter between them, and here is where one gets an advantage over the other.

Google Chrome admittedly has the better speed, and because of Google’s instant menus which show up as you type in the address bar, you can see the webpage even before you have typed. Google Chrome also has an in built PDF reader (great for those pesky windows for forms and documents which you only want to view and not download), as well as a Flash Player. Considering that if you are not using Chrome, and are a user, you will be encouraged to use Chrome for a better experience, it is no wonder the search engine giant is number 1 for browsers as well. Chrome also has support for HTML5 unlike in other browsers which make all the difference to the experience. Read more »

How does a QR Code work?

How does a QR Code work?

We come across QR codes almost every day in our lives. Pull up a newspaper or a weekly journal and the first thing we find on an advertisement is the QR codes. We often wonder as to what these small black and white dots contain inside them. These codes contain enormous information about a product and are believed to be one of the effective ways of marketing products. So, what are they actually and how do they work? Let’s find out:

What are QR Codes?

Quick Response codes or otherwise known as 2D codes were initially developed and used in the automobile industry to check and maintain inventory. But recently, QR codes have gained a lot of popularity and attention. They are now being increasingly used to package and promote consumer products. Thanks to the advent of Smartphones, everyone now has a bar code scanner readily available in their pockets, so that makes it easier for the companies to use this strategy to promote their brands. One of the interesting features of QR code is that the information inside it can be anything such as an image, a link to the company website or even completedetails about the product. For instance, a company that sells crisps can list down all the nutritional information on a QR code and include it in the wrapper. So, when a consumer scans it, he can actually understand the information about calorie, carbohydrates and related facts. Read more »

Panda Cloud Anti virus Pro 2.0 review

Panda Cloud Anti virus Pro 2.0 review

There is no need to emphasize on the importance of an anti virus, and a good one at that, which is why we’ve decided to review the Panda Cloud Anti virus Pro 2.0, the new and latest version of the product, which was launched just a little while ago, so that you may think and know from all angles just exactly why you ought to be picking this product up, or whether you should give it the pass.

At the outset, what can be said definitely and without any doubt is that if you are a casual internet surfer, someone who wants to be protected against malicious sites online, but one who does not actively do any risky internet browsing, downloading, sharing etc, then this new version is for you. It is a light, quiet, no frills anti virus with just a tad improvement done to the basic product of the previous version, so if basic safety is what you want, and what you think is enough, go for it. Read more »

Has Google planned to link user’s Gmails with search results?

Has Google planned to link user's Gmails with search results?

Google is going all out to make more information available through its search engine. Google is the most preferred source of any kind of information online. They are now mining data that is stored in the mail accounts, i.e. the Gmail accounts, to make it available to the general public. It is designed in such a way that whenever there is a specific search request, Google will scan its vast data stored in the Gmail accounts to quickly check if any relevant information is available. For instance, a search for ‘vacation’ in the Caribbean will pull out mails sent by travel agencies and holiday resorts.

Any such Gmail result found will be displayed on the right hand side of the page showing the main results. If the information mined is very relevant it could be displayed on the top of the page itself. With Facebook Inc becoming very popular with several million accounts and fast approaching the one billion mark, Google seems to be a wee bit worried. What with the ease and speed with which information is exchanged on Facebook, the cause for concern is justified. Additionally there are other social media sites like Myspace, Twitter, and StumbleUpon that have a sizeable number of accounts. Read more »

Tips that can make your post go viral

Quality content is emphasized in blogging. But is quality content sufficient to make your post go viral?
The content has to be taken to the next level. It has to be shared, commented upon and also needs
to gain popularity. There is no formula for immediate success. Everyone likes to have their post with
several comments and numerous likes on Facebook. It does sound nice! In reality it does not work that way. A lot of hard work is required to make a post go viral.

Sometimes your content goes viral without much effort. “Luck” does not happen at all times and it
never leads you to the road of success. Opting for the right tools and content that satisfies readers is the secret. Make the content interesting with relevant pictures inserted. The blog should have content that can solve the problems of the reader on the topic. Write about a unique problem that needs immediate solution and you will have an amazing response. Read more »