Sony Playstation 3 Confirmed: Blu-Ray Profile 2.0 Update

Sony Playstation 3 Blu-Ray Update
In the next Sony Playstation 3 firmware update, it will allow the Sony PlayStation 3 to play upcoming “BD-LiveBlu-ray discs, this will make Sony PlayStation 3 an even greater for Blu-Ray device bargain in the market than it was before or at least until prices for stand-alone players start falling down.

The upcoming Sony PlayStation 3 firmware update ver: 2.20, which is due before the month is out, will let you access the great downloadable function, Net-enabled features and widgets that come with the latest Blu-ray movies recently. The newest Blu-ray specification such as the Net-related features (as known as BD-Live) is only available on a handful of upcoming Blu-ray players.
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Sony Playstation 3 Beats XBox 360 In Sales, Again

Sony Playstation 3 VS XBox 360
For the second month in a row, the Sony Playstation 3 beats the Microsoft Xbox 360 in aspects of monthly sales. Is this the time for Sony Playstation 3 to take the lead of new generation gaming consoles?

Ars Technica got its hands on the latest sales figures for gaming consoles, and the numbers speak for themselves. The Nintendo Wii, as usual, trumped its console competition with 432,000 units sold in February while the handheld Nintendo DS got an amazing 597,000 units sold, beside that the PlayStation 2—still quite a hit with senior gamers, apparently—came in at an impressive 351,800 units sold. Absolutely. no shockers there.
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How Often Should You Clean Your Windows Vista Registry?

Windows Vista Tips From
On the Internet, you will find several Web sites promoting the use of Registry programs. These Web sites make you aware of the importance of registry maintenance and how registry programs can simplify the process.  However, there is very little information available on how often you need to scan the registry.

Quite often, we hear people asking you to clean up your registry on a daily basis. However, the truth is that there are no specific set norms that control how often you need to clean your Windows Vista registry.

In fact, the frequency of registry repair and clean up activity depends on several factors. For instance, if your computer is new and you do not make any major changes to it, you may not need to perform a registry scan for a long time.
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Apple Tech Update: iPhone Updates On The Way

Apple iPhone News Updates
The iPhone’s functions like exchange support, true push-email, pro-level top security and configuration features – they’re all in store for the iPhone as the ‘big’ Apple tries to position its touch-screen smart handphone as a real competitor to the BlackBerrys, Palm: Palm Treos, and other Windows Mobile gadgets.Apple VP Phil Schiller said that this new features, which will allow business peoples to straightaway sync their exchange email, business contacts, and events, will be in the next iPhone firmware update. (The iPhone updates software will be announced later) But it seems there’s no iPhone’s updates until June.
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Tips To Avoid Computer Crashes, Headaches, and Data Loss

Tips To Avoid Computer Crash From
Although data loss and system damage are two major causes of frequent computer crashes, there are several side-effects too. Constant crashes may leave you frustrated, cause unnecessary headaches and often leave you in a state of frenzy. Why go through this, when just a few simple activities can save us from all this trouble and agitation?

Discussed below are a few simple tips to help you fix Windows freeze up problems and prevent computer crashes.
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