Apple iAds Journey begins with ads incorporated in the Apps

Apple iAds iOS4After the announcement of release of iOS4, Apple has also embarked on its iAds journey. iAds is basically a service that incorporates Mobile Advertising and the platform for running iAds is iOS.

Now companies like AT&T, Best Buy and Nissan has started posting their ads on the apps. But, the most interesting thing about the iAds is that Apple has taken an initiative of launching and incorporating intelligent Ads services. This means that they are going to target Ads to people according to their usage trends. Apple has now started a detailed study of iOS user’s data so that they can show Ads that are appealing and interesting for the users.

Although, some privacy concerns are going to hamper this style of servicing Ads, but it is a very intriguing way of doing the Ads business and will help Apple in consolidating its hold on the Market.

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