The Best Compact Digital Cameras

The Best Compact Digital Cameras

One of the best places for making big savings on compact digital cameras is Currys. As well as significant discounts, they offer a wide range of machines to suit every need. Below, we’re going to take a rundown of two of the best deals available from Currys. If we don’t feature what you’re looking for, visit their website to find your ideal compact digital camera.

The FujifilmFinePix F550 is a 16 megapixel compact camera with a 15x, 24-360mm zoom lens. Similar to its predecessor, the F300, it boasts the same glossy curvaceousness while coming packed with new features. The lens folds away smartly when not in use, making the F550 beautifully pocket-sized (at its thinnest point, its just 22.9mm deep). A useful rubber handgrip keeps the camera secure in your hands, even in moist conditions, while the back presents a 3-inch, wide view 460k-dot resolution LCD. The F550 claims a focusing speed of just 0.16 seconds. Other features include face detection/recognition, tracking auto focus, ‘intelligent’ flash, 360 degree motion panorama mode and gyro sensor image stabilization. The GPS geotagging is another smart addition.

For pocket-sized portability, combined with a staggering 18x optical zoom, look no further than the 12.1 megapixel Nikon Coolpix S9100 (pictured). It may not have some of the showier features of the Fujifilm F550 – like GPS – but for getting intimate pictures at incredibly fast speeds, the S9100 delivers in spades. The superzoom is on the cusp of compact and professional photography, eschewing any gimmicks or bright colouring. At 2.5 by 4.2 by 1.4 inches, it qualifies as pocket-sized, but only just, and the manual pop-up flash helps to bring it into the realm of the professional camera. Its 3-inch LCD is one of the best on the market, with crystal clarity – 921,000 dots, dwarfing the compact markets usual range of between 200,000 and 460,000 dots. The images look so bright and colourful and the text so sharp and easy to read that you’ll never look back once you start using the S9100.

Both of the compact digital cameras featured here are available from Currys. Both come with a 20% discount on a camera case or 10% off any SD card.

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