How to Jailbreak Your Apple iPhone

Jailbreaking Your Apple iPhone
How to Jailbreak Your Apple iPhone

Are you one of those who have heard a lot about jailbreaking the Apple iPhone  and all the advantages of jailbreaking but still have not tried it yourself? Well, here are some simple steps which will smoothly sail you through this process.

1. Well, first of all what you need to do is simply download the Quick Pwn Jailbreaker Tool which usually comes zipped and you need to unzip it. After you unzip it, just get the file and save it in file like C:\quickpwn.

2. Afterwards simply download the firmware image that you want to demote to and save it in the file C:\quickpwn.

3. Then just open the iTunes and see if it is recognizing your Apple iPhone or not. However, afterwards make sure to click on Apple iPhone 2g.bat, if you are using first generation iPhone. While, in case of second generation Apple iPhone , you should click on Apple iPhone 3g.bat and click on iPod touch.bat, if you are someone using the iPod touch.

4. Then another important thing is that, while you do this you might get a command to remove any or all of the iTunes but you don’t need to follow the command and just ignore it if you want to keep the process working.

5. Afterwards you will be required to turn off your Apple iPhone but that does not mean you need to disconnect it from the computer. Then to get your Apple iPhone into DFU mode you need to hold the power and home button for around 10 seconds. Then keep on holding home but release the power and wait until you hear the beep of your computer. The program will take over once it recognizes that your Apple iPhone is in DFU mode.

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  1. rizuanismail on December 3rd, 2010

    i dont have iphone but this info is great for those who have it..cheers! :)

  2. TechGeek on December 3rd, 2010

    yeah! you need to hack/unlock your iphone in order to use full version games & softwares on your iPhone

  3. qsar on December 13th, 2010

    tips yg sgt bagus!! frust bila dah beli mahal tapi tak boleh guna fungsi 101% nice!~

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