Google Android: Learn more about the next generation of mobile

Google Android: Learn more about the next generation of mobile
Google Android application had been released just a couple years ago in an attempt to usurp iOS from Apple Inc., which is used in iPhone devices and has been gaining a lot of popularity amongst top mobile phone manufacturers.

Similar to the iOS, Google android also offers a lot of useful applications and a smooth flowing interface which helps to make the Android phones the most sought-after in the market. Although the iPhone certainly overshadows all the competitors when it comes to sales, the only interface which actually compares to Apple’s creation is the Android.

The main advantage of Android based mobile phones is that they are bundled with all of the major US carriers and they are also developed by most of the top smartphone companies. As a result, phones users have a wide variety of carriers and models to choose from.

According to the computer support specialists, some of the applications include SMS program, internet browser, email client, calendar, contact list and more, all in the Java platform. All the applications are core-based and had been designed to satisfy the needs of users. This next generation mobile operating system will not differentiate between the basic OS and the third party applications, which allow users to get a customized device to match their specific requirements. (to be continued on Google Android: Learn more about the next generation of mobile part 2)

Apple iPad 2, Google Android & WebOS

Apple iPad 2 Will Copy Something From Android & WebOS
With Apple iPad 2 coming to your door next few days, we will expect something is going on with Apple iPad 2 system. How about upgrading the OS? revising the iOS?

The problem is, instead of copying the Google action with Android 3.0 by designing the user interface (GUI) specifically for tablet PCs, Apple iPad 2 just use the previous iOS phone user interface & upgrading it. However, upgrading the graphical interface of Apple iPad 2 is not the concerns anymore since nowadays a phone on a tablet is really not enough & something quite normal. We mean, not really impressive now.

So, you have any ideas to improve the Apple iPad 2?

Here’s maybe what we need to tak note on the new upcoming Apple iPad 2, or Apple iPad 3? and so on… :) keep reading! Read more »

Androids Are Gaining Pace-Tough Competition with iPhone 4

Google Androids -Tough Competition with Apple iPhone 4Google-Androids-Tough-Competition-with-Apple-iPhone-4

Google’s Android is always been the second best after Apple’s iPhone. Though, Apple has been dominating the market for a long time but Google was working very hard to beat iPhone and reach the center stage.

The time has come for Android as first time some Apple’s product is introduced in the market with a defect. As Apple’s iPhone 4 was criticized due to its Antenna problem, Android gained pace and its shipments jumped to astounding 886 % from last year. Read more »

Google Android Apps-Potential Harm To Confidentiality

Android Apps—Harm To Confidentiality

Google Android Apps—Potential Harm To Confidentiality
There is no doubt that Google Android is the true competitor of Apple’s iPhone and has been working hard to gain big market share. However, some android apps are possible threat to security of the device as hackers and spammers develop malicious codes that access user’s personal data.

The news spread out when some developers created around 80 wallpaper apps which quite number of people downloaded on their devices. Kevin Mahaffy, Chief Technology Officer of Lookout, told the media that there is no potential harm to device, but he also admitted that apps are sending IMSI and phone number to Chinese server in clear text. Read more »

YouTube Mobile Website Redesigned

YouTube Mobile Website RedesignedThe online video giant YouTube has been under some criticism for not revamping its mobile website. But recently, the developers and the executives decided to give the service a new look as far as its Mobile version is considered.

In order to increase the Smartphone user’s traffic, YouTube has finally redesigned its Mobile web site. The redesigning is also done so that more users view the Videos through the Smartphones web browsers instead of logging-in to designated applications. Read more »